Areas de Productos



A)   Mission 
D&R Medical Depot SA mission is approach to Healthcare Insurance Institutions, doctors and patients the most advanced and cost effective medical devices in Argentina and neighbor countries.  Aim to an outcome of better and fast patients prevention treatment and rehabilitation. Cost effectiveness requires either importing from leading manufacturers worldwide, manufacture or distributing from others local manufacturers according which is best for the purpose.
Better results for patients requires to work coordinately with leading doctors PTs, OTs, Nurses, Pedologist and other professionals. Different areas of products are covered in the time like orthopedics, rehabilitation, mobility, wound care, surgery, prosthetics, diabetics, vascular and flebology, ADL, and others.

B)   Focus

1)    Offer to the market the best possible affordable pricing.
2)    To cover most possible products variety for the same medical pathology in order to facilitate client concentration in one supplier.
3)    To keep international quality backed on ISO quality controls and Government regulatory controls for all our products and procedures.
4)    To keep specialized team with years of experience for clients better assessments always under doctors prescriptions when required.
5)    Either for standard products, or custom made to be sold or rented.
6)    Adequate catalogs and brochures and post-sales follow up.

C)   Tools

1)    Our technical and commercial team with accumulate experience since 1982 and a recognized good name and commitment for the health insurance companies both public labor and private, also in the medical and professional community and patients theirselves.
2)    Permanent visit and contact with leading doctors inviting them to our workshops and lecturers in our showroom o during medical congress we support.
3)    Our own important show room just in the center of Buenos Aires medical area visibility covering also all Argentinean provinces throw distributors.  
4)    More recently our presence also in the cyber space for brick and click access to clients throw new marketing instruments like web page, social media, e-marketing and others.